Fall Choral Workshop – 2015

Fall Choral Workshop

See some pictures from our last workshop on 10/24

Saturday October 24th
8:30am – 11:30 am
Rhode Island College
Nazarian Center room 193

Non-ACDA members $30

*This event is sponsored in part by the Rhode Island College Conducting Class.

Come join us for a workshop featuring presentations from three prominent choral educators from Rhode Island. Donald St. Jean, Teresa Coffman and Mark Conley will discuss strategies to get more out of your choir. Read below for more details.


Dr. Donald St. Jean, from Salve Regina, will present:
“How do you say that?”

Our focus on language should go beyond basic pronunciation to include articulation, resonance, and register.  Diction being the shaping of our vocalizations into culturally appropriate and recognizable sounds, we must delve deeper into the making of sounds if we truly want to teach our students to sing in any language – be that Italian, Spanish, Latin, German, French, or our own “foreign” language: English.  In this workshop, we will cover not only the choice of language sounds but the making of those sounds.  We will focus on the International Phonetic Alphabet as the vehicle for representing these sounds in writing.  Finally, we will address common misarticulations and mispronunciations that are associated with “Rhode Islandese” in an attempt to improve the tone quality and understandability of our choral ensembles.

Dr. Teresa Coffman, from Rhode Island College, will present:
“Musicality Through Movement”

Will explore how movements made by choristers, as well as by conductors, can help or hinder phrasing, diction, vowel uniformity, breathing, and tone quality. Ideas and suggestions from participants encouraged.

Mark Conley, from the University of Rhode Island, will present:
“ Authentic Performances”

This workshop will explore how to aim for a more authentic performance of choral music from other cultures, using the presenter’s experiences and archival footage from eastern Africa to provide examples.


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